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COM 600 Week 1 Individual Assignment University Resources Scavenger Hunt
Complete the University Resources Scavenger Hunt.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
COM 600 Week 1 Learning Activity Returning to School
Back to School
What are your reasons for returning to school? What is your greatest challenge in completing your degree program? What is your greatest fear?
COM 600 Week 1 Learning Activity Stress
Life Stressors
What are some examples of life stressors? In what ways do individuals differ in their appraisal and ability to cope with life stressors?
COM 600 Week 2 Individual Assignment Preparing for Academic Success at the Graduate Level Paper
Resources: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and APA Writing Style Sample Paper
Write a 3- to 4-page paper on how you can prepare for academic success at the graduate level. Include the following:
Identify characteristics of graduate writing and explain how writing at the graduate level differs from other forms of writing.
Evaluate your own writing strengths and weaknesses. You may want to utilize the Grammar and Writing Guides on eCampus to help identify these areas.
Identify what you deem as best practices for managing your time and stress associated with balancing graduate school and other life responsibilities.
Format your paper according to APA standards and be sure to also include the following:
Direct quote, consisting of at least 40 words, but no more than 60 words, with appropriate citation
Direct quote consisting of less than 40 words with appropriate citation
Paraphrased quote with appropriate citation
Access the Center for Writing Excellence on eCampus and utilize WritePointSM to review your paper. This is a tool to help with your writing and it is up to you to determine if the suggested changes are appropriate or not. Submitting your paper to Plagiarism Checker is also highly recommended.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
COM 600 Week 2 Learning Activity Communication
Effective Communication
Why is it important for someone in your profession to have effective communication skills? Describe your communication style as you address this question.
COM 600 Week 2 Learning Activity Writing
Writing Deficiencies
What writing strengths and deficiencies do you feel that you personally have? How will you improve upon your deficiencies? How will you enhance your strengths?
COM 600 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Collaboration and Team Dynamics Presentation
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word analysis that addresses the value of team collaboration as part of the Learning Team model. Include the following:
Address how team collaboration adds value to achieving success in the development of academic projects.
Discuss key communication skills that foster effective Learning Teams.
Examine major pitfalls or risks that could affect the success of Learning Teams.
Describe how the Learning Team Charter can serve as a tool to formalize team activities and protocols while contributing to team success.
Format your presentation according to APA standards.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
COM 600 Week 3 Learning Activity Learning Styles
Leaning Styles
How does understanding personal learning styles help you in your home and work environment? As you address this question, share some thoughts on your learning style.
COM 600 Week 3 Learning Activity Learning Teams
Learning Teams
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Learning Teams? You may extend your thoughts to virtual teams as well.  What attributes will you bring to your learning team? How might you help others feel like they are part of a team?
COM 600 Week 4  Individual Assignment APA Research and Bibliography Worksheet
Complete the APA Research and Bibliography Worksheet.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
COM 600 Week 4 Learning Activity Plagiarism
What constitutes plagiarism? How does plagiarism ‘accidentally’ occur? Why is it important to produce your own work and properly cite the work of others?
COM 600 Week 4 Learning Activity Credible Information
Credible Sources
How do you know if information is credible? How might statistics be manipulated to support a certain point of view? Provide examples.
COM 600 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Ethics Presentation
Resources: Miniature Guide to Understanding the Foundations of Ethical Reasoning
Conduct a group discussion covering the following topics:
What ethical traits, concepts, and principles do you deem to be important and why?
Why is ethical decision making important to your personal and professional lives? How will this help you in school?
What are the major points you have learned about ethical reasoning based off the assigned reading? Has this influenced your views of ethical decision making? How?
Develop an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of the team’s discussion.
Include detailed speakers’ notes.
Format consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
COM 600 Week 5 Learning Activity Ethics
When you hear the word  ethics , what comes to mind?  How are ethics within your place of work communicated to you, formally and informally?
COM 600 Week 5 Learning Activity Ethical Principles
Ethics Challenged
When have you encountered a situation that challenged your ethical principles? What influenced your reaction to the situation and would you handle it differently if the situation occurred again today?
COM 600 Week 6 Individual Assignment  Critical and Creative Thinking Paper
Resources: Assigned readings, ERRs, the Internet, and any additional resources
Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper examining critical and creative thinking skills.
Identify an important decision you have made that required critical and creative thinking.
Discuss your decision-making process and explain how critical and creative thinking contributed to the quality of your decision.
Identify characteristics of critical and creative thought.
Explain why critical and creative thinking are considered higher levels of thought.
Format according to APA standards.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

COM 600 Week 6 Learning Activity Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking/Decision Making
Define critical thinking. What is the relationship between critical thinking and decision-making? As you address this question, comment on w hat types of questions does a critical thinker ask as well as a decision marker.
COM 600 Week 6 Learning Activity Diversity
Working With a Diverse Group
How do communication skills and critical thinking skills contribute to effectively working with a diverse group of people?

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