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COM 520 Week 1 Individual Assignment Organizational Communication Worksheet

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COM 520 Week 1 Individual Assignment Organizational Communication Worksheet
Complete the Organizational Communication Worksheet. 
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Organizational Communication Worksheet

Part A

Answer the following questions. Each response must be written as an academic paragraph of at least 150 words. Be clear and concise and explain your answers. Use APA format to cite any sources.
1.     Why is effective communication important within an organization?
2.     What are some characteristics of effective business communication?
3.     Describe what is meant by using an audience-centered approach in organizational communications. Why is this important?
4.     What is the communication process model, and what impact does social media have on this model?

Part B

Answer each statement with a specific example and explanation in 2-3 sentences.
1.     Discuss the importance of business etiquette in the workplace. Provide an example of how business etiquette directly affects the effectiveness of workplace communication.
2.     What is the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical lapse? Why are these distinctions important?
3.     List two guidelines for using communication technology effectively. Provide an example of when your communication in the workplace was directly affected by technology.
4.     Why is it important to consider diverse backgrounds when considering effective communications in an organization? Provide an example of how a lack of consideration for diversity might produce an unintended result.
5.     With technology available to you in the workplace, how important is it to maintain in-person interactions with colleagues and clients?  What effects might the use of technology-based communication have on an organization?
Part C
In 2-3 paragraphs, please share your Philosophy of Effective Communication.

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