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COM 200 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Comprehensive Learning Team Charter Presentation

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COM 200 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment  Comprehensive Learning Team Charter Presentation
Review the Learning Team Toolkit.
Use the Learning Team Charter in the Toolkit as a template for this assignment.
Expand the Learning Team Charter to create a comprehensive Learning Team Charter that includes the following:
Identify potential conflicts.
Describe the strategies the team will use to resolve each potential conflict.
Identify each team member’s score on each dimension of the What’s My Preferred Conflict Handling Style? assessment and explain how these scores reflect each member’s conflict-handling style.
Explain how each member will use his or her primary conflict-handling style to ensure productive conflict resolution.
Create a plan to manage any interpersonal challenges that may arise. You may use a PowerPoint or formal APA style paper. Make sure to include the Charter and one member turns in one file on behalf of the team. 
Present your Learning Team’s plan by submitting it in the assginment tab.

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