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CMGT 582 Week 2 Individual Assignment Organizational Information Security

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CMGT 582 Week 2 Individual Assignment Organizational Information Security
Assignment Preparation: Activities include watching the SkillSoft® videos, completing the SkillSoft® course, independent student reading, and research.
  • Watch the "Technology and the Impact on Business and the Environment" Skillsoft video.
  • Complete "Defining law and ethics" point of topic "The Relationship Between Law and Ethics" of the Skillsoft® course "Business Law and Ethics."
  • Complete "Recognize the Effect of Laws and Regulations on Audit Planning," point of topic "Management of an IS Audit Function," of the lesson "Information Systems and the IS Audit Function" of the Skillsoft® course "CISA Domain: The Process of Auditing Information Systems - Part 1."
Write a 3- to 4-page analysis of ethical considerations for maintaining confidentiality and customer data.
Address the following issues in your analysis:
  • Define ethics.
  • Apply ethics to information systems.
  • Discuss the constituent parts IT/IS professional ethics.
  • Connect or relate the discussed constituent parts into an overall structure that may relate to an IT/IS code of conduct or ethics.
  • Discuss the rules produced by the Ad Hoc Committee on Responsible Computing.
  • Describe the privacy regulations or laws related to the identified ethical issues.

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