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CMGT 575 Week 1 Individual Assignment IT Project Management
for EnPointe Technologies
Think of an IT project that you would like to start as a project initiator or sponsor.
Conceptualize and define the overall goal of the project, and how it adds tangible value to an organization. Remember that a charter is not yet ready to be created at this point.
You may use one of the following options to present the project that you picked:
  • A legal or commercial agreement
  • A timeline detailing the sequence of events
  • A flowchart describing cause and consequences
  • A slide presentation
  • An interactive diagram
  • Any other options approved by your instructor
You may consider using one of the following ideas as a source for this project:
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Case studies
  • An organization that you are working in (redacting where appropriate)
  • A fictional organization
CMGT 575 Week 2  Learning Team Assignment Learning Team A Project Outline
Create a 2-page draft outline of a project charter.
Select one of your team member's individual assignments (from Week 1) to create this project charter.
Choose carefully because this charter will be used for the rest of the Learning Team activities.
Note. The project charter is not your Learning Team Charter. Do not confuse the two
CMGT 575 Week 2 Individual Assignment Project Outlines
Prepare two project outlines using Microsoft® Project.
As a project manager, you are going to prepare two project outlines for the development of a mobile application. One project outline uses a waterfall model, another uses an agile method.
Include a 200- to 300-word brief explanation of how the two project outlines differ.
CMGT 575 Week 3  Learning Team Assignment Project Scope, Cost, and Schedule
Write a 3- to 4-page draft paper to cover the project scope document, an activity and milestone lists, WBS, cost baseline, schedule baseline, and a list of project stakeholders.
Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines
CMGT 575 Week 3 Individual Assignment Project Communication: Database Upgrading
Write a 5- to 7-page plan that includes a short description of the project, a list of project stakeholders, a RACI chart for project resources, and a communication plan for one of the following project scenarios:
  • Database upgrade: This is a project to upgrade several databases to the latest version to enhance manageability, while minimizing downtime.
  • Major update to mobile application: This is a project to develop and deploy a major update to a mobile application.
  • New reporting capability: This is a project to create a new capability to allow business to generate new reports without going through an IT request. The current process takes too long for new reports to be created.
  • You may also create your own project scenario, or use a virtual organization story.
Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.
CMGT 575 Week Learning Team A Project Baseline
Create a baseline project plan in Microsoft® Project.
CMGT 575 Week 4 Individual Assignment Ethical Dilemma
Prepare a 3- to 5-page journal entry on your decision process to an ethical dilemma.
Read the case studies "Don't tell anyone or you're fired!" in Ch. 13, "Leadership and Ethics," of Information Technology Project Management. Use the prescriptive approach of making sound ethical decisions in the same chapter. Write a journal entry that includes the action you would take.
CMGT 575 Week 5  Learning Team Assignment Tools and Techniques for Quality Management
Write a 3- to 4-page draft paper highlighting the tools and techniques the team plans to use to ensure that the project meets quality expectations.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
CMGT 575 Week 5 Individual Assignment Quality Control Tools
Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper on using quality control tools.
Think about a current or past IT project that you have been involved in, identify a quality issue, and use one of the quality control tools (fishbone diagram, Pareto diagram, or control chart) to describe the quality issue
CMGT 575 Week 6  Learning Team
Write a 3- to 4-page paper describing how the team would apply the tools and techniques in procurement management and risk management to the project.
Note. This portion of the Learning Team report should be assembled with the deliverables in previous weeks to make one paper. It will not be separately scored.
CMGT 575 Week 6  Learning Team IT Project Management Presentation
Finalize and submit the Microsoft® PowerPoint® executive presentation of the project. The number of slides should be limited to a maximum of 10. Ensure that there are speaker notes.

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