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CMGT 556 Week 3 SCM Reference Document

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The CEO of the startup company you are working with from Week 1 asked you to attend the executive steering committee meeting. The committee is looking to implement a new SCM system. The manufacturing company does not currently have a SCM system and does not believe there is a need for one. The lack of having one causes the company to have occasional operational issues, which results in a loss of revenue. The executive steering committee has asked you to research the different SCM system software packages available and create a comparison chart of the different packages. They would also like you to provide a summary that will give a recommendation for what SCM system the organization should use.

Research at least four SCM system software packages.

Create a comparison chart for at least four SCM packages you researched that includes the following:



Demand Planning

Import/Export Management

Inventory Management

Shipping Management

Supplier Management

Transportation Management

Warehouse Management


Write a 1-page summary includes references that will help the executives determine what SCM system and strategy to use that will ensure success. Be sure to include the following in your summary:

A high-level overview of the supply chain

Why each step is important to the organization

How the supply chain will help the company succeed and correct the operational issues.

Submit your assignment.

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