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CMGT 555 Week 5 Individual Assignment

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For the Week Five paper, choose TWO of the three TOPICS below and follow the directions for that topic.
I want to make sure you understand that all three of these TOPICS have to do with PROCESS and NOT the actual development.  A process is a method of doing the development.  An example is everybody doing the testing process in the same manner – not the test itself.  When this happens, then automated tools can be developed to help make the process more efficient. See my post in the Course Materials forum “What is a Process?”
System/Software Process and Quality Characteristics
Topic 1   ISO 9126 System Quality Characteristics
Quality characteristics apply equally to hardware and software. 
Pick any two ISO 9126 System Quality Characteristics (do not forget the Sub Characteristics) from the list below and describe how they apply to the system development process:
Topic 2   Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Models (CMM)
Describe how the SEI Capability Maturity Models  (Software (CMM-S) or Integration (CMM-I)) apply to the System Development Process.  Do not restate the definition of each level within the model.
Also indicate whether or not your company participates in the Capability Maturity Model and if so, what level they have achieved.
Topic 3   What role do ‘Standards’ play in the System Development process?
You may address system, software, or hardware standards.
Give one or two examples of ‘standards’ that apply in your line of work.   

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