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CMGT 555 Week 1 Supporting Activites

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CMGT 555 Week 1 Supporting Activity Risk in SDLC
Describe at least one risk inherent in each phase of the SDLC.
CMGT 555 Week 1 Supporting Activity   Development Methodologies
Think about a past or present organization that you know. Describe the approaches for that organization that would work well (or would not work well), based on your understanding of these approaches:
CASE tools
Joint application design
Rapid application design
Participatory design
Agile methodologies
Object-oriented analysis and design

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  • Consider the seven software categories presented in Section 1.1.2 "Software Application Domains" of Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach. Do you think that the same approach to software engineering can be applied for each? Create a table of the seven software categories to compare and contrast the software engineering approach for each type of software. The above is the assignment that I need to get done for today

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