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CMGT 554 Week 6 Individual Assignment Social Media and Technology Trend Evaluation

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Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization or an organization you are familiar with that you can research to identify their social media customer interaction

Review theSkillsoft® point "Measuring Social Media's ROI" and job aid "Measuring Social Media's ROI" of the topic "Benefits of Social Media to Customer Focus," of "Course: Customer-Focused Interaction."

Review Section "8.3 Enterprise 2.0 - Social Networks and Tools for Business," and Section "8.4 Social Media Metrics," in Ch. 8 of Information Technology for Management.

Review Section 5.3, "Contemporary Hardware Platform Trends," and Section 5.4, "Contemporary Software Platform Trends," in Ch. 5 of Management Information Systems.
Review Section 7.1-7.4, "Telecommunications and Networking in Today's Business," in Ch. 7 of Management Information Systems.

Identify the extent of social media, if any, that is used to communicate with customers or prospects to include customer service interaction.

Identify social media services or interaction that other like organizations have available on their websites.

Analyze the expected costs, to include network costs and software production or modification, and return on investment (ROI) of social media. Analysis is composed of breaking the issue into parts and describing how the parts relate to each other and to the whole issue.

Investigate how social networking sites, not hosted on the researched organization's sites, might benefit the organization's profitability or expand its community or customer base.
Identify and discuss current trends in technology for improving global business that has the potential to impact a global business within the next 3 years.
Prepare an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and script in the speaker notes to present and discuss your evaluation.

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