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CMGT 431 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Risk Management & Security Plan

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CMGT 431 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Risk Management & Security Plan


Instructions: Compile the deliverables from Weeks Two through Four to create your final Risk Management and Security Plan. Include a reference-cited page at the end of your plan. Create a 10- to 12-slide multimedia rich PowerPoint® presentation, summarizing your Risk Management and Security Plan. Include detailed speaker notes and a reference cited slide at the end of your presentation with 6 to 8 peer-reviewed or professional organization sources.  Submit the presentation using the Assignment Files tab.


The criteria that I use to assign grades for this assignment are as follows:   

  • Was the material thoroughly covered?

Deduction Examples

- Addressed many of the points (10%)                                                   

- Addressed some of the points (20%)   

  • Was the minimum number of slides met?

Deduction Examples

- One slide less than requirements (10%)                                                     

- Two slides less than requirements (20%)


  • Were a comprehensive set of speaker notes included?                

Deduction Examples

 - included some speaker notes (10%)                                                   

- No speaker notes included (20%)   

  • Did the references follow APA format?

 Deduction Examples

- minor APA non-compliance (5%)                                                   

- major APA non-compliance (10%)   

  • Was the presentation error free?

Deduction Examples

- Minor typos/grammatical mistakes (5%)                                                  

- Significant typos/grammatical mistakes (10%)


  • Was a reference list included of appropriate resources?                

Deduction Examples

- Inappropriate references (5%)                                                  

- No references included (10%)

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