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CMGT 431 Week 1 Individual Assignment Threat Model

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CMGT 431 Week 1 Individual Assignment Threat Model


Instructions: Select an organization to use for your weekly individual assignments. This organization should exist and offer students details of its organizational make-up via its website and annual reports. Conduct a threat analysis on your chosen organization.  The Microsoft® Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) can be used to identify potential threats.


Write a minimum 2 full page paper (not including the title and reference pages) addressing the following:   

• How does the organization's code of ethics and security policies apply?   

  • What specific security policies can your organization implement for their Information System?
  • Identify 5 components of asset security standards and governance and discuss their impact on your organization. Submit the paper and Turnitin report using the Assignment Files tab.

Note: The Individual Assignments in this course build off one another. You will use the organization throughout all assignments. Ensure there are enough supportive materials for your chosen organization.


The criteria that I use to assign grades for this assignment are as follows:


  • Was the material thoroughly covered?

Deduction Examples - Addressed many of the points (10%)                                                

 - Addressed some of the points (20%)   

  • Was the minimum number of pages met?

Deduction Examples

- Less than 2 full pages (15%)                                                  

- One page less than requirements (30%)


  • Did the evaluation follow APA format?                 

Deduction Examples

- minor APA non-compliance (5%)                                                   

- major APA non-compliance (10%)   

  • Was the evaluation error free?

Deduction Examples

- Minor typos/grammatical mistakes (5%)                                                   -

Significant typos/grammatical mistakes (10%)


  • Was a reference list included of appropriate resources?                

Deduction Examples - Inappropriate references (5%)                                                  

- No references included (10%)


  • Was a Turnitin report included?              

 Deduction Examples - No Turnitin report (10%)

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