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CMGT 430 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Applying Risk Management Consulting

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CMGT 430 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Applying Risk Management Consulting


Instructions: Note: This is the first of three assignments that will be completed for this three-assignment project, ending with a final paper in Week Four.


You have been hired as a consultant and asked to provide a presentation on the company's risk management to the CIO. Create a 5- to 7-slide presentation that includes:   

  • The objectives (required outcomes) of this assignment
  • Describe how the organization can apply risk management principles in its efforts to secure their systems.
  • Describe how protection efforts will vary over time.
  • Include three different example sets, with with a vulnerability, threat, and related risk and ways to mitigate each set.
  • Detailed slide notes including analysis of each concept or term listed in each slide. Each slide must include detailed slide notes supported by one or more supporting references.  The references must be cited in the slide notes. Do not use material copied from your resources.   
  • References used to support your presentation, including a minimum of two outside academic references in addition to course textbooks and videos. Your references must be shown in a references slide at the end of your presentation.   
  • Neither the title slide nor the references slide are included in the required slide count. Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.

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