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CMGT 413 Week 5 Individual Assignment Project Evaluation

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CMGT 413 Week 5 Individual Assignment Project Evaluation


Instructions: Write a 700- to 1,050-word project evaluation. In this final assignment, you individually evaluate your team's effort-such as a candid assessment of how your team did. Use a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet to create an evaluative matrix-such as a set of metrics--that you will use to assess all team deliverables. Your matrix must include at least two metrics for each of the following:   

  • The project plan (Week Two)
  • The IT value-chain analysis (Week Two)   
  • Sourcing solutions (Week Three)
  • SOW (Week Four)
  • RFP (Week Four)
  • Test plan (Week Five)
  • Quality metrics (Week Five)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (Week Five)
  • Google Docs™ program screen capture (Week Five) Create a rating system so that each project may accumulate a score from 0 to 100.
  • Each of the criteria selected should be justified and discussed in detail.
  • The Microsoft® Excel® matrix should be accompanied by an introduction that discusses why this sort of evaluative activity is an important component of the IT sourcing decision-making process.

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