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CMGT 413 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Part III: Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposal (RFP)

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CMGT 413 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Part III: Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposal (RFP)


Instructions: Resources: University of Phoenix Materials: IT Value-Chain Analysis Matrix & Recording a Narration, and the Sample Executive Summary at the Center for Writing Excellence under Tutorials & Guides. IT projects are collaborative in nature. Toward this end, the Learning Team is expected to work collaboratively throughout the course. Part 3: Statement of Work (SOW) and Request for Proposal (RFP) Develop a 350- to 700-word SOW and RFP for all IT assets your team recommends supporting via cloud computing. The SOW must contain the following information:   

  • Scope of work: Describe the work to be done in detail.
  • Period of performance: Specify when you would like the work to start and to be completed.
  • Deliverable schedule: Create a list of specific deliverables that the vendor must deliver and when.
  • Acceptance criteria: Describe how your organization will determine if the work is acceptable. The RFP is based on the SOW and must contain the following information:
  • Introduction
  • Description of your company
  • Business goals
  • Project goals
  • Time constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Requirements: Description of what is needed
  • Administration Information
  • Who may apply
  • How to apply
  • Confidentiality
  • References
  • Whom to contact for clarification
  • What format the proposal needs use
  • When the proposal should be submitted (date information)
  • Timeframe for when a vendor will be selected
  • Selection criteria
  • Other Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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