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CMGT 400 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report and Presentation – Kudler System Review

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Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of developing a customer loyalty program and a related system to give rewards to their customers, based on their purchases and other relevant information. Your team has been asked to direct the development team in what they must do to ensure the system is developed in a secure manner and that it properly protects company and customer information at all stages of development.

Each week, the team prepares different portions of the final paper and presentation, which recommends exactly what the development team should do at each step of the development process including any related policy, training, and ongoing IT audit elements.

Week 1 - Draft a summary of those threats that the team feels are most critical to Kudler Fine Foods. Due Week 1

The Team project for the class

Develop a 3,000- to 3,500-word report for the CIO of Kudler Fine Foods. Include in the report:

A table that identifies the top threats to the new customer rewards program at Kudler Fine Foods in preparation for your final report (due in Week Five). Include the likely vulnerabilities each threat might exploit. The following table is an example of one you might use:

Area of System Threat Potential Vulnerability

Draft the security considerations for each phase of the systems development process.
Identify specific concerns if the system is ever removed from service.

Specify how to properly mitigate each stage of the systems development process phase to the risk for each entry in the table. Be specific, but high-level in your mitigations. Most or all items will have something to check or do in each stage of the systems development process.

Identify the key information security policy elements that will be needed at Kudler Fine Foods to support the efforts that ensure that the new frequent shopper program protects the customer and organizational information.

Identify the security awareness training needed to ensure that employees are ready to properly protect customer and organizational information when using the new system.

This report should cover the material from the previous weeks, providing a comprehensive look at the key safeguards needed for the project at each stage of the systems development processes.

The report should have clear recommendations to ensure that the final frequent shopper program system is properly secured against likely threats.

Include the requirements for future audit provisions the internal staff may use to validate the security measures in the system.

Prepare a presentation to executive management at Kudler Fine Foods on the need for changes recommended in the paper.

The presentation should be 10 minutes in length.
The presentation must include appropriate graphics and may be in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation format.
The presentation must include detailed speaker notes.

Prepare to present your project to your class

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