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CJA 344 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Panel Discussion Presentation

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CJA 344 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Panel Discussion Presentation


Instructions: Choose one team member who will serve as a moderator. The remaining team members will serve as panelists.   

  • The moderator summarizes the key points of the articles selected by the team in Week One and comes up with at least five questions to ask about the articles.
  • The panelists will answer the moderator’s questions. Each question asked must be answered by every panelist to ensure a wide variety of opinions.
  • Then, the moderator should facilitate a brief discussion related to the team members’ responses to the questions. Submit a reflection summary of the team discussion. Include references to the articles used for the discussion questions in APA 6th format.

Choose to write a 350- to 700-word paper or to create a 5- to 7-slide non-linear Microsoft® Power Point® presentation with speaker notes. Include the following in your paper or presentation:   

  • Who played what role
  • A brief summary of the articles
  • A list of the questions asked by the moderator
 •  A brief summary of the panel discussion and your reactions to the articles Submit your team assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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