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CJA 234 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Prison Life Presentation

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CJA 234 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Prison Life Presentation


Instructions: Complete the following in CJi Interactive on the student website:   

  • Learning Modules
  • Ch. 11: Corrections History and Institutions > Prisons and Jails
  • Ch. 13: Life Behind Bars > The Legal Rights of Inmates
  • Myth & Issues Videos
  • Ch. 13: Life Behind Bars > Issue 1: Should Prisoners have Rights? Create a 15- to 20-slide presentation examining the life of prisoners. Include the following in the presentation:
  • A brief comparison of jail and prison inmates
  • A brief comparison of male and female inmates’ backgrounds
  • A brief comparison of state and federal inmates, including the difference between prison life in private and non-private prisons
  • An explanation of how prison life has changed over time
  • A description of the extent and nature of prison violence
  • A description of the extent and nature of prisoner litigation
  • Two recommendations that will
  • positively affect the life of prisoners
  • address the increasing violence and variations of violence in prisons
  • limit prisoner litigation issues Include at least100 words of speaker notes for each slide. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



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