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CJA 214 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Police Department Organization Presentation

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Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint with speaker notes OR substantive Prezi presentation that analyzes police department organization. Include the following in the presentation:
  • Based on the text, identify major organizational theories associated with policing.
  • Select a city in which one of your team members is currently living. Imagine you are the police chief of a local agency in that city.
  • How would the team organize the department?
  • Would it have many specialized units? Why? Which specialized units would it have?
  • Would decision making be centralized or decentralized?
Significant comments and APA-formatted references accompanying each slide are to be included in the Notes section for each slide for a PowerPoint presentation or on a reference list for a Prezi presentation.  Ensure an introduction and a conclusion is included as part of the presentation. 
Presentations submitted based solely on your personal insights and observations or solely from the assigned text readings will not receive a favorable score for content/development. As such, assignment must cite at least two academic and/or peer-reviewed sources (references) in order to validate content - see Instructor Policies regarding peer reviewed sources. 
Significant contributions must be made by each team member toward the assignment in order for each individual to earn product points.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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