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CIT 276 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Comprehensive Project: WAN Connection

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Resource: Toolwire® lab: Build Your Own Network in a 4 Router WAN Topology
Write a 1- to 2-page description identifying the commands used to configure NAT/PAT and PPP serial connection between Core and R4 routers. Configure R4 router to simulate an ISP connection. Include the output of the show run and show ip route, commands for Core and R4 routers that verifies your configurations.
Perform the following tasks using the Toolwire® Build Your Own Network lab:
Perform basic configuration on R4 router
Assign network IP addresses to the interfaces connecting Core and R4 routers
On Core router, configure NAT with overload (PAT) to translate any IP address to the IP address configured to the serial interface connecting to R4 router.
Configure a default route on Core router and propagate the route in OSPF.
Configure a static route on R4/ router to reach networks.

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