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CIT 276 Week 4 Individual Assignment LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

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CIT 276 Week 4 Individual Assignment LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide


Instructions: You have been tasked with creating an overall LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for a medium-sized business with locations as follows:   

  • Location 1, New York State - 100 users
  • Location 2, Pennsylvania - 200 users, servers that host email, collaboration tools, and the ERP/CRM system
  • Location 3, California - 50 users   
  • All with the capability to work from home You will create a portion of this guide each week, with the final documents due in Week Five. For Week Four, write a 2- to 3-page proposal using Microsoft® Word for how you would monitor and manage the network connectivity between the sites. The proposal should include the following:
  • An accurate account of at least two monitoring tools you could use   
  • An accurate description of at least two metrics and thresholds you would report on
  • A proposal of how you would configure and verify device-monitoring protocols using an example from one of the Practice Labs and providing insights on how to reasonably interpret the results from the tool.

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