CIS 294 Week 5 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio – Network Troub

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CIS 294 Week 5 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio – Network Troubleshooting and Final Submission

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Based on your learning team discussion this week, create knowledgebase documentation/article(s) covering the topics below. These would be documents that you could store in a department knowledgebase that would provide a quick reference point for support technicians to assist with troubleshooting computer support issues. You may create them in Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or another suitable program of your choosing. You may combine topics or include graphics/sources where appropriate.
Include the following in your knowledgebase:
Identify types of network cables and connectors
Categorize characteristics of connectors and cabling
Explain properties and characteristics of TCP/IP
Explain common TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purpose
Compare and contrast wireless networking standards and encryption types
Install, configure, and deploy a wireless/wired router using appropriate settings
Compare and contrast Internet connection types and features
Identify various types of networks
Compile all sections of the Support Portfolio. Update, if necessary, based on feedback from previous weeks. This should include all parts of the portfolio from Weeks Two to Five.
Create an introductory paragraph outlining the portfolio's contents.
Submit your completed portfolio to the Assignment Files tab.

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