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CIS 294 Week 1 Individual Assignment Support Role Paper
Write a 2- to 3-page business proposal using the following scenario:
You are a support technician manager building a help desk team and need to get approval from executive leadership. Your primary operation will be to service customers with both hardware and software issues from a variety of PC platforms.
Explain the benefits of having a help desk in your proposal with the goal of getting approval to build the team.
Include the following in your paper:
The different levels of customer service
The role of a support technician
Required resources to support consumers
Servicing internal and external users
Computer support trends
Submit your paper to the Assignment Files tab.
CIS 294 Week 2 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio – Customer Service Training Presentation
Based on your Week Two Learning Team collaborative discussion, create a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that would be used to conduct a customer service training session for newly hired computer support representatives.
Include speaker notes for all slides containing your thoughts as if you were to present this to an audience.
Address all of the following key points in your presentation, at a minimum:
Explain the fundamentals of customer service
Identify effective questioning using verbal and non-verbal communication skills and explain their importance
Explain the fundamentals of on-site, telephone, and remote support
Explain proper procedures for dealing with difficult customers. (Research online and include industry-standard tips and tricks to ensure customer satisfaction in dealing with difficult customers.)
Include citations and references as necessary.
Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab.
CIS 294 Week 3 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio – Laptops and Support Tools
Based on your learning team discussions, respond to all the questions below.
Assume that you are a support manager and you have been asked the following questions by a new member of the executive leadership team who is attempting to learn more about how you provide support to your customers.
Include, for each question, a response of at least 150 words. Structure the responses to read like an e-mail, as if you were responding to the requestor directly.
Question 1: Can you provide an overview of a standard process you use to install and configure laptop hardware and components?
Question 2: Could you provide a comparison of the components within the display of our laptops for a new client proposal we will submit later this week?
Question 3: What types of features are available on the laptops that could be used by our staff?
Question 4: What kinds of tools are available for your support staff to use to assist in supporting laptops both locally and remotely for our satellite offices?
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
CIS 294 Week 4 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio –Online Research Exercise
Based on your learning team discussion this week, prepare a 2- to 3-page document discussing printer research and the validity of online sources.
Provide a link to four separate online sites with information on each of the following topics. (One site per topic).
The difference between the various printer types
The imaging process between various printer types
The process to install and configure printers
The importance of printer maintenance
Complete the following for each topic:
Provide the link.
Provide a brief summary of the content.
Provide a rationale in at least 100 words each as to why you think the website provides a good answer.
Submit your document to the Assignment Files tab.
CIS 294 Week 5 Individual Assignment Support Portfolio – Network Troubleshooting and Final Submission
Based on your learning team discussion this week, create knowledgebase documentation/article(s) covering the topics below. These would be documents that you could store in a department knowledgebase that would provide a quick reference point for support technicians to assist with troubleshooting computer support issues. You may create them in Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or another suitable program of your choosing. You may combine topics or include graphics/sources where appropriate.
Include the following in your knowledgebase:
Identify types of network cables and connectors
Categorize characteristics of connectors and cabling
Explain properties and characteristics of TCP/IP
Explain common TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purpose
Compare and contrast wireless networking standards and encryption types
Install, configure, and deploy a wireless/wired router using appropriate settings
Compare and contrast Internet connection types and features
Identify various types of networks
Compile all sections of the Support Portfolio. Update, if necessary, based on feedback from previous weeks. This should include all parts of the portfolio from Weeks Two to Five.
Create an introductory paragraph outlining the portfolio's contents.
Submit your completed portfolio to the Assignment Files tab.

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