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CIS 293 Week 5 Individual Assignment Network Performance Troubleshooting Processes

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CIS 293 Week 5 Individual Assignment Network Performance Troubleshooting Processes


Instructions: In Week Four, you designed a hybrid wired and wireless network, identified the hardware components needed for the network, and summarized the installation test plan. This week you will create troubleshooting documentation for three common network performance issues that could occur after network implementation. Update the network diagram from the Week Four assignment titled, "Design and Test a Small Network" per the instructor's feedback. Choose three of the following performance issues:   

  • Unable to acquire an IP address
  • Wireless client cannot connect
  • Cannot connect to the RAID application server
  • Internet access is down
  • Slow network performance Document a 1-page process for each of your three selected issues in Microsoft® Visio®. Create each flowchart on a separate, labeled tab within the same Visio® file. Each flowchart should identify the network diagnostic tool(s) that can be used to troubleshoot the issue. Submit the Microsoft® Visio® file and your revised network diagram to the Assignment Files tab.

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