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CIS 293 Week 1 Individual Assignment Network Hardware Identification


Instructions: You have been hired by a company that installs wired and wireless networks for small businesses. To help streamline the ordering process and standardize some of the components, you have been asked to create a document that enables sales agents and field technicians to easily identify the components needed when designing networks. Create a table or chart that identifies and explains the different hardware components in either Microsoft® Word or Excel®. Include the following in your documentation:   

  • Fiber optic, coaxial, and twisted pair cables and associated connectors
  • Routers, gateways, switches, and hub devices
  • Images or diagrams of the components (remember to include source citations)
  • Features and functions of each component Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab. 




 CIS 293 Week 2 Individual Assignment: OSI Model Troubleshooting

Instructions: Resource:   

  •® video, "Visio® 2016 Essential Training"
  • Design Tools article within this week's Electronic Reserve Readings. You work as an IT Hardware Technologist. Your supervisor asks you to help several new help desk agents by reviewing the OSI model and how to use it in troubleshooting network performance issues. Prepare material which:
  • Identifies each layer of the OSI model
  • Describes what happens in each layer
  • Describes how TCP and UDP fit within the model
  • Provides examples of how to use the OSI model as a network troubleshooting tool Document your material as a detailed diagram or flowchart. Include callouts or notes for descriptions and examples. Include at least two resources, external to the content of your textbooks and other course materials. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.




CIS 293 Week 3 Individual Assignment Network Security Plan Outline


Instructions: A manufacturing company is expanding its sales operation to include territory in the Northwestern United States (U.S.). The sales team will support customers in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. The new office will be located in Washington with five people regularly working in the office. An additional five will work from their homes in other states. The employees will need to access the company network from their home offices, the new office, and while traveling. You have been contracted to develop the network security plan for the new sales office and team. Prepare a network security plan outline. Include the following in the outline:   

  • Identification of the key sections of the security plan
  • Summary of what to include in each section
  • Required hardware and related security software components Document your plan in one of the following ways:
  • A 1- to 2-page paper
  • A 1- to 2-page diagram or flowchart with descriptive callouts
  • A 7- to 10-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

CIS 293 Week 3 Individual Assignment Use of Network Diagnostic Tools


Instructions: Information about networks can be collected using common network troubleshooting tools. Use the Command Line Tool on a PC with a Windows® operating system connected to the Internet to learn what the following commands reveal:   

  • PING
  • ARP Note: In Mac computers, the DOS command line is called Terminal. It is accessed via Applications/Utilities.

Note: Mac users, there may be some instances where the required course software is not compatible with the Mac operating system. In such cases, you will need to access a computer that is running Windows® or on your Mac run Windows® emulation software such Parallels, VMware Fusion, Boot Camp or Virtual Box in order to access the software. Record the results on the Network Tools Worksheet. Submit the completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.


CIS 293 Week 4 Individual Assignment Design and Test a Small Network

Instructions: Resources:   

  •® video, Visio 2016 Essential Training
  • Design Tools article located within the Week Two Electronic Reserve Readings You work for a regional company that provides payroll and benefit administration services. The company is opening a new regional office and you have been tasked with the following:
  • Designing a hybrid wired and wireless network that meets the defined uses and requirements
  • Summarizing a test plan for the new network installation Network Uses and Requirements are as follows:
  • The new office will have five accountants, five support staff, and an IT administrator.
  • The accountants and the IT administrator will each have separate offices.
  • There will be one conference room.
  • The support staff will have a shared space with separate work stations.
  • In addition to the computers, the following devices will be on the network and shared by everyone:
  • Two high-end color LaserJet multifunction printers with copy, scan, print, and fax capabilities
  • Two low-end single function laser printers
  • E-Mail Server
  • File Server, which contains several databases
  • Print Server
  • The employees in the new office will also need access to the main office network and Internet. •  A guest network is also needed for customers that provides Internet access. Create the following documentation:   
  • A network diagram illustrating your network design created in Microsoft® Visio®; including the appropriate security features, labeled network components, and the correct diagram shapes.
  • A 1-page executive summary explaining the design and identifying the high-level components included in the network installation test plan. Submit the Microsoft® Visio® file and the Executive Summary to the Assignment Files Tab.

Note: Your network design will be used in the Week Five Individual Assignment titled, "Network Performance Troubleshooting Processes."




CIS 293 Week 5 Individual Assignment Network Performance Troubleshooting Processes


Instructions: In Week Four, you designed a hybrid wired and wireless network, identified the hardware components needed for the network, and summarized the installation test plan. This week you will create troubleshooting documentation for three common network performance issues that could occur after network implementation. Update the network diagram from the Week Four assignment titled, "Design and Test a Small Network" per the instructor's feedback. Choose three of the following performance issues:   

  • Unable to acquire an IP address
  • Wireless client cannot connect
  • Cannot connect to the RAID application server
  • Internet access is down
  • Slow network performance Document a 1-page process for each of your three selected issues in Microsoft® Visio®. Create each flowchart on a separate, labeled tab within the same Visio® file. Each flowchart should identify the network diagnostic tool(s) that can be used to troubleshoot the issue. Submit the Microsoft® Visio® file and your revised network diagram to the Assignment Files tab.

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