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CIS 291 Week 1 Practice - Hardware Lab Simulations

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Complete the Live Virtual Machine Lab Prerequisite and Advanced Hardware Simulation Prerequisite prior to beginning your lab assignments.

Complete the following simulations found in the Practice section of Week 1: Taking a Computer Apart and Putting it Back Together.

Week 1 Hardware Lab Simulations Powered by LabConnection
Lab 1-1: PC Audio Video Connectors
Lab 1-2: PC Connectors and Ports
Week 1 Practice Mode: Advanced Hardware Lab Simulations
Lab 1-3: Practice Mode: Identify Internal Components of a Computer
Lab 1-4: Practice Mode: Identify Parts Inside a Laptop and an All-in-One Computer
Lab 1-5: Practice Mode: Use Tools from the Technician's Toolkit
Lab 1-6: Practice Mode: Diagram and Remove Cables Inside a Computer
Lab 1-7: Practice Mode: Remove Motherboard, Power Supply, and Drives
Lab 1-8: Practice Mode: Install Components Inside Case
Lab 1-9: Practice Mode: Attach Internal Data and Power Cables
Lab 1-10: Practice Mode: Disassemble a Laptop

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