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CIS 291 Week 1 Individual Assignment Create a Resource Guide


Instructions: Throughout this course and others, you will encounter information and resources that can help you succeed in class and in your work environment. Create a resource guide you can build upon and use as you progress through your education and career. Reference this week's Discussion Question titled, "Reliable and Credible Resources" as a basis to begin this assignment. Review the Computer Resource Guide for ideas of what to record and how to organize it. Use the Computer Resource Guide or create a new format to organize and record your information using Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Access®, or another application. Note: You will likely use the information you store in this guide to complete future assignments in this course. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab. 


CIS 291 Week 1 Individual Assignment Replacement Parts

Instructions: An employee in your organization has a Dell Precision Tower 7000 Series (7910) and has asked you to recommend replacement parts for its various components. Refer to the specifications for the computer in the Dell Precision Tower 7000 Series Specifications document. Consider compatible replacement parts for the following components:     

  • Motherboard
  • RAM Storage
  • Hard Drive
  • Expansion Card
  • Monitor Power Cord
  • Power Supply
  • Cooling System Choose two of the components above and recommend replacement parts for those components. Note: You cannot replace parts with the same make/model. In your recommendation, include the following information for each component:
  • The recommended replacement part makes and model
  • Key functionality and spec considerations for the part
  • Sources used to find the compatible replacement part
  • If and how the replacement part impacts other system components. Document your answers in a Microsoft® Word document or Excel® spreadsheet. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.



 CIS 291 Week 2 Individual Assignment: Power Supply Replacement Process

Instructions: Resources: Sample process documents are available at many manufacturers' sites. Here are two samples from Hewlett-Packard:   

  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement You work on a desktop support team supporting end-users via telephone. You receive a call and the end-user describes the problem. The problem is as follows: The computer is getting excessively hot and frequently shuts down unexpectedly. There is also a strange noise coming from the back of the computer case. Create a process document the desktop support team members can use to determine whether the issue is related to the power supply and resolve the issue. Include the following in your document:
  • A list of power supply problem indicators
  • Questions to help clarify the problem and determine if it is related to the power supply
  • Specifications you would need to gather to identify a replacement power supply
  • Steps to select and replace a power supply of a desktop computer that requires a minimum of 1,200 watts of power
  • Steps to transfer the power supply to the new system, including cautions and notes
  • Notes are tips and tricks for completing the process
  • Warnings are instructions to prevent harm or damage to the hardware
  • Cautions are instructions to prevent injury
  • Steps to test the power supply to ensure it is working properly after troubleshooting and reconciling end-user issues Create your document using Microsoft® Word. You may augment your written guidance with flowcharts or illustrations created in Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Visio®, or another software application approved by your Instructor. Submit the document to the Assignment Files tab.




CIS 291 Week 3 Individual Assignment Component and Security Comparison


Instructions: You and a co-worker are putting together a system recommendation for the CEO of a small business. Your role is to compare the types of processors, chipsets, memory systems, storage, and expansion cards, then to provide a summary recommendation. Include the following in your recommendation:   

  • The names of the specific components you compared (at least three)
  • Your final recommendations and reasoning
  • The challenges that may occur when installing and configuring your recommended components and the security factors to be considered for each component Present your recommendation in one of the following ways:
  • A 2- to 3-page executive summary paper
  • A 10- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes and optional narration Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.



CIS 291 Week 4 Individual Assignment IT Profile

Instructions: In larger organizations, new computer setups are pre-defined by job title. If, for example, a new Customer Service Representative (CSR) is hired, the standard new system set-up for a CSR is pre-defined. All the IT representative has to do is place the order, install, and configure the computer. In smaller and even mid-sized organizations, however, pre-defined IT requirements may not be available and the IT representatives need to identify a new employee's needs based on what the employee does. For this assignment, you are an IT representative in a small organization without pre-defined IT requirements per role. You are given a work request to set up a system for a new Outside Sales Representative. Complete the IT Profile Worksheet to define the accessories and peripherals the new employee will need and the high-level steps needed to install and test one of the accessories. In this worksheet, you will:   

  • Create a user profile that identifies the accessories and peripherals a new outside sales representative will need. A task description is provided in the worksheet.
  • Define high-level steps and considerations another IT rep would need to install, configure, and test one of the accessories or peripherals (not a printer). Submit your completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.




CIS 291 Week 4 Individual Assignment Printers


Instructions: Your organization is streamlining its print technology selection process. Two factors that will guide their decisions are maintenance requirements and procedures. Select three print technologies. Identify and compare the following for each:    •  Maintenance needs (e.g., how does maintaining ink-based product differ from a laser/toner based product?)    •  Maintenance procedures Display this information in one of the following ways:    •  A 8- to 10-slide presentation of with detailed speaker notes    •  A detailed chart or spreadsheet Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, or another software application approved by your Instructor Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.




CIS 291 Week 5 Individual Assignment Custom Built Computer


Instructions: You have been tasked with building a custom desktop PC that will be used by Research and Development (R&D) programmers. This system should be comparable to a high-end gaming computer. End-user requirements include the ability to:   

  • Develop complex animations
  • Support resource-intensive multimedia development applications (think about the processor needed) Complete the Custom Built Computer Worksheet to document the components that will be needed to build this system and define installation considerations. Ensure the system components are compatible with one another and meet the needs of the R&D team. Include your name in the file name when saving the worksheet. Submit the completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.

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