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CIS 211 Week 5 Individual Assignment Office365™ Presentation

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CIS 211 Week 5 Individual Assignment Office365™ Presentation


Instructions: Based on your learning team discussion this week, create a presentation that is 5 to 10 slides (with speaker notes) based on the following scenario. You work for an organization with about 300 employees. You are in charge of tool selection and procurement for office software. You research options and come to a decision that you will recommend Office365™ rather than standard copies of Office 2013 for your organization. You must convince the organization's leaders that this is the best option. Cover all of the following topics:   

  • Cost
  • Differences in functionality & usability
  • Features and updates
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud storage options with Microsoft® OneDrive® Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab.

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