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CIS 207 Complete Course

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CIS 207 Complete Course


CIS 207 Week 1 Participation- Discussion- Access to Knowledge is Power

Information technology has advanced to the point where we can almost literally €œnever be out of touch with data, information, and other people. Almost instant access can be a benefit to those working with and using the information.

Select one information system in use at an organization with which you are familiar (e.g., work, library, school, government agency, or community organization).

Explain its importance and benefits to the organization.

Example: A community food pantry tracks donations, dispersals, and inventory at multiple locations throughout the community. The information system provides information about high-use, excess inventory, and low inventory, so the coordinators can move inventory to where it is needed. This enables the organization to serve the most community members possible and reduce waste from unused inventory at lower-volume sites.

Post your response to the discussion forum.

Respond to a minimum of one of your peers.





CIS 207 Wk 2 Participation-Discussion €“ System Development Methodologies

Select one methodology, other than the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC); which you already learned about, to develop information systems described in your text.

Focus on the more modern methodologies of Agile and Scrum, Spiral. Refer only to the waterfall as a method of framing improvements

Compare and contrast the two methodologies describing which one you think is better and why.

Post your response to the discussion forum.

Respond to a minimum of one of your peers.








CIS 207 Wk 3 Participation -Discussion €“ Cloud Computing





Technology Guide 3, €œCloud Computing, of€¯Introduction to Information Systems.



Consider€¯the many cloud-based information systems we use in our daily lives. Some examples are as follows:




E-mail accessed via web browser


Shopping via Amazon or other online retailers


Cloud-based software such as Salesforce or Google Apps





Answer€¯the following questions:




What are 2-3 advantages of cloud computing?


What are 2-3 disadvantages of cloud computing?


If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing? Include web-based resources that support your decision.



Post€¯your response to the discussion forum.

Respond€¯to a minimum of one of your peers.





CIS 207 Wk 4 Participation -Discussion €“ Big Data

Big Data is not new. Large, complex data sets have been around for decades. What is new, are the tools and software used to mine, analyze, visualize, and predict outcomes.

Can you envision how Big Data could be used to solve a problem in your community or help with a large scale issue Like natural disaster recovery ( FEMA)

Select€¯one social issue or problem you are interested in.

Describe€¯how Big Data can be used to help solve it.

Post€¯your responses to the discussion forum.

Respond€¯to a minimum of two of your peers.





CIS 207 Wk 5 Discussion €“ B2B vs. B2C Information Systems

Answer this before the 3 day weekend:€¦

Many wholesale organizations decide to diversify and extend their reach by adding direct-to-consumers sales or services.

If a business was strictly an online B2B organization, how would it need to change its information systems to enable B2C services?

Post your response to the discussion forum.

Respond to a minimum of one of your peers.


CIS 207 Complete Course

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