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CHFD 350 CHFD/350 CHFD350 Quiz 1 (APUS)

The universal definition for the term "family" is
What early family life educator listed among his educational purposes "the education of parents for raising their children"?
Jane Addams developed a model of family intervention and education that became known as
Which state became the first to recognize and support family life education in a public school setting?
The first Child Welfare Research Center was established at the University of Iowa.
__________ developed the first documented course on the family.
Resources and interest in parent education have _________ in the past four decades.
At least one of every ________ Americans is part of a stepfamily
By the year 2030, the elderly population in the United States is expected to climb to ___ % of the total population.
According to Burr, Day, and Bahr, we must think of families differently than scholars of the pas

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