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BUS 463 Quiz 7 Answers (Strayer)

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BUS 463 Quiz 7 Answers (Strayer)

The professional employer organization (PEO) is used for ____.
The most successful new ventures adopt a team-based approach with a/an ____ structure

____ outsource everything except their core-management function.

When a series of goals are set by the company with input from the employee, and the employee receives payment as each goal is reached, this is called a ____.

Employees have the right to participate in the profits of the company at a specified percentage, while not being full shareholders with voting rights, if they have ____.

Which of the following is not a formal process?

Which of the following is not a component of the entrepreneurial organization?

A basic ownership interest in the company whereby holders share in both the successes and the failures of the business and benefit through dividends is ____.

____ come(s) out of team building, creating flexibility, increasing speed, and facilitating the management of personal issues not easily handled through policies and structure.

Stock issued to the first shareholders of the corporation or assigned to key management as part of a compensation package is ____.

____ roles are trusted people who serve as brokers between groups

___ is fundamentally the personality of the organization¾the reflection of the company's vision and goals

Enterprise zones are common locations for ____

All of the following are alternatives to conventional facilities except ____.

Using a/an ____ agreement is one way to make sure that only stock that has been earned will be distributed

____ relies on statistical tools and specific processes to achieve the measurable goals of fewer defects, increased productivity, reduced waste, and superior products and processes.

The quantity of raw materials or parts that are purchased is a function of ____, manufacturing capability, and storage capability.

Production is managing the ____ of material and information from raw materials to finished goods.

Building a complex production system while the company is in startup or later, while it is rapidly growing, is ____.

Two methods traditionally used in the scheduling process are PERT Diagrams and ____.

Inventory is defined as the stocks of items used to support production, associated activities, and ____

Entrepreneurs who subscribe to ____ will probably wish to provide warranties with products and services.

Identifying all the tasks in the production process makes it easier to determine what equipment and ____ will be needed for completing the tasks.

The process of reconciling product output with the standards set for that product is ____

Any business that purchases raw materials or parts for production of goods for resale must carefully consider the quality, quantity, and ____ of those purchases.

The virtual ownership model is similar to the Japanese keiretsu in the automobile industry with the exception of ____.

___ is/are a strategic issue that is designed to bring about business profitability and positive cash flow

In some industries, particularly labor-intensive ones, the only way to achieve competitive costs is to manufacture in a country where ____.

One way manufacturers and producers control ____ is through a regular inspection process that takes place during several stages of the production process.

The ____ process consists of a series of inputs, such as raw materials, labor, and machinery, which are then transformed through a series of processes into new products and services.

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