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BUS 463 Quiz 4 Answers (Strayer)

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BUS 463 Quiz 4 Answers (Strayer)

Poor execution, time-to-market increases, and missed first-to-market opportunities are some of the problems associated with ____.
The ____ protects inventors from infringers who would violate a patent by making small, insignificant changes in the claims.

The main reason for new product development failure is lack of ____.

____ patents are the most common type of patent.

What percent of all patents come from large companies?

A ____ is a way for inventors to use the term patent pending.

In the context of patent protection, ____ is knowledge that is publicly available or was published prior to the date of the invention¾that is, before the filing of the patent application.

The probability of success for a new product launch is about ____ percent.

In 2006, the ____ was signed into law to provide relief to owners whose marks have been tarnished by third-party marks.

____ can be defined as the activity that transforms a set of requirements into a format that brings all the elements into an integrated whole or system.

Most countries require that an invention be manufactured in the country within ____ of the issuance of the foreign patent.

____ is knowledge that is publicly available or was published prior to the date of the invention—that is, before the filing of the patent application.

To qualify for ____, the work must be in a fixed and tangible form; that is, one must be able to see or hear it.

Initial market tests are accomplished using a working ____ of near production quality.

Under the Copyright Extension Act of 1998, a copyright lasts for the life of the holder plus ____ years.

A board member with no direct connection to the business is a/an

A/an ____ is an advocate, but a/an ____ is bound by rules and ethics that do not permit advocacy.

____ are more likely to make the mistake of putting structure on the organization before its time.

An informal panel of experts and other people who are interested in seeing the new venture succeed is a/an ____.

All of the following are part of an entrepreneur's extended network except ____

A/An ____ consists of individuals whom the entrepreneur respects and trusts. They serve as a sounding board for ideas and act as coaches.

____ staff is a way for a new business to enjoy the advantages of having the kind of skilled work force available to major corporations without incurring so many of the expenses.

There are two types of ____ agreements: a cross-purchase agreement and a stock redemption agreement.

The firm's ____ should be thought of as a business partner who can be a source of information and networking; help make decisions regarding capital needs; and assist in preparing pro forma operations and cash-flow analyses.

Because they tend to be fairly expensive, consultants are best used for ____.

Attorneys can provide the new venture with a wealth of support, which includes all the following except ____.

____ status or legitimacy is derived principally from the entrepreneur's education and experience.

One of the biggest incentives for taking on the risk of a startup venture is the opportunity to acquire a/an ____ stake and participate in the potential upside if the startup is a success.

Increasingly, we are seeing more firms founded by ____ going international from startup.

The chances of success are greater when the lead entrepreneur and the team share the same ____ for the new venture.

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