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BUS 445 Week 3 Quiz

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BUS 445 Week 3 Quiz

1. Senior management is not involved in the self-assessment follow-up.

2. Companies that recognize the importance of reliable and appropriate data and information practice all of the following activities EXCEPT:

3. _____ systems are software packages that integrate organizational information systems and provide an infrastructure for managing information across the enterprise.

4. Production volume and seasonal influences affect quality costs.

5. Which of the following is NOT an external failure cost?

6. Implementation of ISO 9000:2000 to achieve registration requires a quality policy, a quality manual, and internal audits.

7. At the process level, quality and operational performance data form the basis for strategic planning and decision-making.

8. Regulatory or legal compliance is an example of a:

9. _____ is defined as consistency of plans, processes, actions, information, decisions, results, analysis, and learning to support key organization-wide goals.

10. A recent approach to management accounting that corrects many of the deficiencies of traditional accounting systems is called:

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