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BUS 354 Module 4 Homework Assignment (AIU Online)

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BUS 354 Module 4 Homework Assignment (AIU Online)


1.Identify a company in the media or with which you are familiar that operates ethically. What are the reasons this company/organization is ethical? (You may refer to the leadership, management, products, or services of the organization.)

2.Do you believe that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is not needed? Explain or offer a different argument.

3.Are the revised 2004 Federal Sentencing Guidelines, in your opinion, helpful to organizational leaders and boards of directors in promoting more ethical behavior? Explain. What other actions, policies, or procedures would you recommend?

4.Which of the corporate crises summarized in the chapter were you unfamiliar with? Do you believe these crises represent business as usual or serious breakdowns in a company’s system? Why?

5.After reading the Johns-Mansville and Exxon Valdez summaries, identify some ways these crises could have been (1) avoided and (2) managed more responsibly after they occurred.

6.What was your score on the Rank Your Organization’s Reputation quiz in the chapter? After reading previous chapters in this book, how would you describe the “ethics” of your organization, university or college toward its customers and stakeholders? Explain.

7.Do you believe the covenantal ethic and social contract views are realistic with large corporations like ExxonMobil and Citibank or federal agencies like the FTC and the Department of Defense? Why or Why not? Explain.

8.What is the free-market theory of corporate responsibility for consumers, and what are some of the problems associated with this view? Compare this view with the “social contract” and stakeholder perspectives of corporate social responsibility.

9.If you had to select either the legal/compliance (stick) approach or the voluntary/ethical compliance (carrot) approach toward running a corporation, which would you choose, and why? What would be likely consequences (positive and negative) of your choice? Explain.


Case 11 – Reinventing Napster: How Many Lives for the Cat with Headphones?

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