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BUS 317 Week 5 Final Paper

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BUS 317 Week 5 Final Paper

Focus of the Final Paper

Based on all chapters in the course text, choose an advertising topic for the Final Paper from the suggested list below, or choose your own advertising topic (be sure to obtain instructor approval). Your paper must:

Define the advertising topic.

Describe its effect on the advertising industry.

Explain how this advertising topic might aid managers in using the advertising campaign to achieve business


Describe the role the topic plays on consumer behavior.

Analyze how this advertising topic is implemented in a specific organization, chosen from an article retrieved in

the Ashford University Library.

Suggested Advertising Topics:

Advertising in the 21st century

Ethical and Social responsibility in advertising

Advertising to children

Public service announcements

Media planning and buying

Advertising media (radio, television, print, digital)

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