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BUS 317 BUS317 Week 2 Discussion 1 Market Segmentation and the Marketing Mix

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BUS 317 BUS317 Week 2 Discussion 1 Market Segmentation and the Marketing Mix\n\nMarket Segmentation and the Marketing Mix. 1st Post Due by Day 3. Both market segmentation and target marketing are immensely valuable to the advertising process and the design and development of the 4Ps in marketing. Without completing these, an advertisement is likely to be ineffective. For this discussion, discuss the difference between target marketing and market segmentation in your own words.\n\nLocate an advertisement using Moat for your search (remember to create a reference entry and cite the source for the advertisement you select).\n\nExplain which market segmentation strategy was used in creating the advertisement (refer to any applicable variables expressed in Exhibit 4-2 to justify your explanation).\n\nList and define each element of the 4Ps or marketing mix.\n\nDescribe how the advertiser has utilized any or all the elements of the marketing mix in that\n\nadvertisement. \n\nYour initial post must be a minimum of 300 words and be supported by your textbook. Your post must also be organized using APA style headings as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.\n\nGuided Response: Review the posts from your peers, and respond to at least three with feedback on their market segmentation. Describe how well you think the advertisement each peer selected uses the market segmentation strategy and the marketing mix. Your responses should each be 100 to 150 words. \n\n

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