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BUS 308 Week 4 Quiz

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BUS 308 Week 4 Quiz

For a two sample confidence interval, the interval shows the difference between the means

If the confidence interval for mean differences contains a 0, the associated t-test would have shown a significant difference.

For a one sample confidence interval, if the interval contains the pm . the corresponding t-test will have a statistically significant result - rejecting the null hypothesis.

A contingency table is a multiple row and multiple column table showing counts in each cell.

While rejecting the null hypothesis for the goodness of fit test means distributions differ, rejecting the null for the test of independence means the variables interact.

The goodness of fit test determines if a data set distribution/shape matches a standard or hypothesized

The Chi-square test results having expected values of less than 5 in a cell may produce a greater likelihood of having type I errors (wrongly rejecting the null hypothesis).

The distribution for the goodness of fit test equals k-1, where k equals the number of categories.

Point estimates provide less confidence in indicating a parameter's value than a confidence interval.

Chi-square tests are more likely to have type II (falsely rejecting the null hypothesis) errors than parametric tests.

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