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BUS 306 Module 6 Check Your Understanding (AIU Online)

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BUS 306 Module 6 Check Your Understanding (AIU Online)

Directions: Please respond to the following questions. Each response needs to be at least 100 words long and needs to be in your own original words. Please ensure that you use APA citation appropriately.

1.Where do you draw the line when using material found on the Internet, but trying to respect the artists’ intellectual property and rights to royalties from their creations? How different should a video be from the original source to justify that it is no longer the same material as the original artist created, and thus not covered under the copyright laws?

2.What is the responsibility of the Web site provider to monitor content? Is it enough to control for pirated material and nudity? Should the Web host be held responsible for webcasts of suicides or criminal activity on their sites once they are aware of it?

3.Please define the following terms (remember to give appropriate APA citation) and give an example of each or explain its importance:


b.Digital divide

c.Digital medical records



f.Software piracy

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