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BUS 305 Module 6 Homework Assignment (Allied American University)

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BUS 305 Module 6 Homework Assignment (Allied American University)

PART I: Short Response Questions

1.List three guidelines to follow in order to avoid ethical lapses when conducting research.

2.List the three major disadvantages of Internet search engines, then briefly describe other electronic research tools that overcome those shortcomings.

3.Describe the elements of a formal business plan.

4.Explain the three basic categories of analytical business reports and provide at least one example of each type.

5.Describe the general function of internal proposals, and provide at least one example to illustrate.

6.What four topics are commonly covered in the introduction to a business proposal? Briefly explain each one.

7.Briefly explain how a wiki can help teams and other groups, and describe at least three points wiki contributors should keep in mind to increase their effectiveness.

8.Discuss six principles to keep in mind when designing visuals regarding the aesthetic and symbolic aspects of graphic art.

9.Briefly explain the difference between descriptive titles and informative titles for visuals and provide an example of each.

10.Describe six strategies (in addition to using the AIDA format) for strengthening your argument in business proposals.

PART II: Journal

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