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BUS 210 Week 8 Individual Assignment Knowledge Check

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Complete the Week Eight Knowledge Check.
Which of the following costs is associated with a firm’s operations and materials
management function?
A. The cost of the machinery, computers, tools, buildings,
and equipment
B. The cost of employee wages, including benefits
C. The cost of work-in-process goods, semifinished
products moving through the production process
D. The stock value of finished products a company holds in
According to Jones (2007), the semifinished goods and services that go through a
company’s production process are called
A. conversion
B. inputs
C. distribution
D. work-in-process
For what purpose do businesses consider establishing maquiladoras?
A. Reduce inventory costs.
B. Reduce raw materials costs.
C. Reduce labor costs.
D. Reduce distribution costs.
According to Jones (2007), which type of operating system is designed to make unique or
custom-made products?
A. Materials management production
B. Mass production
C. Flexible production
D. Small-batch production
Which of the following is a key benefit of mass production operating systems?
A. A wide range of customized products
B. Flexible employees and work teams
C. Lower operating costs.
D. Unique one-of-a-kind products
The operating system that combines both the benefits of customized products and low
cost production is called
A. standardized production
B. mass production
C. small-batch production
D. flexible production
Concept: Three Stage Process of Operation Material Management
Mastery 100% Questions 6 7 8
Of the three stages in operation and materials management, which stage comes first?
A. Production
B. Operations
C. Input
D. Output
Some examples of elements in the operations stage of the operations and material
management process include
A. labor and customers
B. raw materials and components
C. goods and services
D. skills and machines
Which of the following is the correct order of the operations and material management
A. Output, operations, and input
B. Operations, input, and output
C. Input, operations, and output
D. Operations, output, and input
Concept: Industry Standards
Mastery 100% Questions 9 10 11
According to Jones (2007), the hardware and software components of a company’s
existing IT systems are called its
A. network computers
B. mainframes
C. legacy systems
D. microprocessors
In the history of modern computers, which of the following came first?
B. Mainframe computers
C. PCs
D. The World Wide Web
In the 1990’s, the Windows operating system, created by Microsoft, was installed in 90%
of the world’s PCs. This kind of penetration in the personal computer business made
Windows the
A. best-of-breed solution
B. leader in the networking software
C. industry standard
D. world’s largest software system
Concept: E-commerce Systems
Mastery 100% Questions 12 13 14
Which best describes e-commerce?
A. Same industry commerce
B. Systems used for exchange
C. Commerce between wholesalers and retailers
D. Trade that is transacted electronically
Which best describes B2B commerce?
A. Trade that takes place between companies
Same industry commerce
C. Commerce between wholesalers and retailers
D. Trade that is transacted electronically
Which of the following is software developed for business within the same industry to
conduct trading?
A. Open source exchange
B. Networking protocol
B2B marketplace
D. Business exchange center
Concept: Efficiency and Effectiveness
Mastery 100% Questions 15 23 24
The combination of which two factors gives people the ability to better react to the
economic environment in which they function?
A. Data and technology
B. Facts and numbers
C. Hardware and software
D. Knowledge and learning
What is the major advantage of broadband technology?
A. Transfer of data between networks over the Internet
Quick transmission of very large amounts of information
C. Connection of databases of different institutions
D. Creation of an area network that links PCs to a central
Which of the following best describes the result of information overload?
A. Excess data causes systems to fail.
B. Large amounts of real-time data make it difficult to
Data is missing which makes information difficult to
D. Vast amounts of information make it difficult to
determine what is useful.
One major result of organizational learning is
A. increased information
B. increased work load
C. increased expenses
D. increased profitability
According to Jones (2007), what attributes should information provided to managers have
to be useful to the organization?
A. Complete, efficient, effective, relevant
B. Clear, quality, engaging, and responsive
C. Complete, accurate, relevant, and timely
D. Superior, relevant, timely, and innovative
Which of the following is a form of information that is constantly updated to make sure that
A. Reliable
B. Complete
C. Relevant
D. Real-time
Concept: Competitive Advantage
Mastery 100% Questions 19 20 21 22
Which of the following is one of the four major sources of competitive advantages
provided by information technology?
A. Cutting edge communication
B. Rapid development
C. Artificial intelligence
D. Superior innovation
Which of the following best explains how information technology improves innovation in a
A. Giving customers ability to purchase products more
B. Allowing the organization to identify new audiences for
an existing product
C. Providing up-to-date information on changes to products
and systems
D. Tracking changes in financing related to product
Information technology improves customer responsiveness by
A. giving middle managers the ability to collect and process
more data
B. tracking people’s likes, dislikes, and buying habits
C. allowing the organization to identify issues in products or
D. tracking changes to products and systems
Which of the following describes managers’ ability to use the collection and analysis of
data to gain information about various tasks and operations to increase the efficiency of a
particular function?
A. Superior information
B. Superior innovation
C. Superior quality
D. Superior productivity

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