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BSHS 462 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Leadership and Supervising Influence in Human Services Paper

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Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper on leadership and supervising influence in human services programs. Include the following information:

Identify the three roles of the leadership model: manager, mediator, and mentor.

Summarize the key elements of the supervisory process.

Describe the following challenges that may arise when supervising employees and being supervised by a superior:

The transition to the supervisory role
Performance below expectations

Explain factors that influence job design, hiring, training, and performance appraisal that supervisors must take into account.

Discuss each member’s personal challenges that he or she faced as a supervised employee or while supervising other employees.

Create a list of five to eight challenges that you addressed in your discussion. As a team, what do you feel are the most common challenges related to supervising or being supervised?

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