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BSHS 456 Week 1 Individual Assignment the Challenge of Addiction Paper

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BSHS 456 Week 1 Individual Assignment the Challenge of Addiction Paper


Instructions: Resource: Videos in this week's Electronic Reserve Readings Compare two types of addiction--one that is substance-related and one that is not substance-related, such as food, work, sexual, or gambling-that currently affect society. How does the addiction affect, from a neurobiological and physiological view, the individual, families, and society? Write a 850- to 1150-word paper exploring the two addictions. Include the following:   

  • The variances of addictive substances
  • The effects addictive substance or other addictions have on neurobiology and physiology
  • The role of family systems on the addictive process Include at least two peer-reviewed scholarly articles to support your conclusions. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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