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BSHS 452 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Grant Proposal and Slide Presentation

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BSHS 452 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Presentation and Proposal

Resource: Proposal Content Instructions on the student website

Identify the grant proposal topic. You will be using the same agency and topic you have already identified and you have been working on for the last three weeks.

Create a 10- to 17-page grant proposal

Include in the grant proposal:

Letter of intent
Cover letter
Title page
Organization statement and background
Community assessment process, and needs and problem statement
Program design methods and timeline
Goals and objectives
Program evaluation criteria

Include a separate and additional assignment title page with the names of all your learning team members.

Format the proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

Create a PowerPoint presentation which is designed to sell a funder board of directors on the validity of the need and the program idea. You will have between 15-20 slides.

Include the following in your PowerPoint:

A brief overview of the grant proposal
A description of the agency seeking funding
The problem to be solved
The objectives
The methods
The evaluation criteria and
The budget

Use appropriate audio and visual aids, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®

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