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BSHS 452 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Proposal Goals and Objectives

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BSHS 452 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Goals

Using worksheet 4.1A and B on pages 29-30 of your text you will create the goals and objectives for your agency. This is just your guide to creating the goals.

Write in narrative format in no more than four pages the goals and objectives for your program. You should include the following information for each identified objective within your goal:

Direction of change,
Area of change,
Target population,
Degree of change, and
Time frame.

The goals for your program are the “outcomes” that you want to see happen. You cannot come up with objectives to achieve your outcome until you come up with what you hope to accomplish with the program. There could be a number of goals that your program hopes to accomplish, but for the purposes of this assignment, you should have at least two. There is no limit to the number of objectives that each goal may have, but for the purposes of this assignment you should include at least two.

I will be looking to see if you goals and objectives answer the following questions:

Are your goals stated as results?
Are your outcome objectives stated as specific results that relate to a program goal?
Can progress in meeting your objectives be quantified and assessed?
Do your objectives describe the client population and a specific time frame for change?

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