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BSHS 452 Week 3 Individual Assignment Methods

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Use worksheet 5.1A on page 36 of your text as a guide to complete this assignment. Do not submit the worksheet, rather use the information gleaned from the worksheet to write your assignment in a narrative format. You will be writing about the same organization that you wrote your needs statement for in week two for your individual assignment.

Write your methods in paragraph format, in no more than four pages the program design and timeline component of your individual proposal.

Remember, the methods are how the funder will know how your program will be set up and implemented. If you state that you are going to hire staff…how many are you going to hire? Do you need to hire them all at once, or can you spread out when you hire them? You can use a graph (such as the one on page 34 of your text) to help you give the funder a visual of when tasks will be complete.

I will be looking to see if your methods answer the following questions:

Do the methods discussed in your organization’s proposal derive logically from the need statement and the goals and objectives?
Do your organization’s methods present the program activities to be undertaken?
Have you explained why your organization selected specific methods or activities?
Have you explained the timing and order of the specific activities?
Is it clear who will perform specific activities?
Given your organization’s projected resources, are the proposed activities feasible?

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