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BSHS 422 week 3 Team Assignment Summary of Community Base Program Discussion

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BSHS 422 week 3 Team Assignment Summary of Community Base Program Discussion\n\nReview the Week Three objectives and discuss insights and questions you may have.\nContinuedeveloping your Relevant Film or Book Report due in Week Four.\n\n \n\nInform your instructor of your selection, including a second choice, so that Learning Teams do not duplicate selection.\nSubmit a Summary of your Choice for the LT Film\n\n \n\nContinuedeveloping your Cultural Competency Assessment of a Community-Based ProgramPresentation due in Week Five.\nConsider the following for discussion as you develop your PowerPoint for week 5.\n\n \n\nSubmit a Summary of your discussion (300 words maximum)\n\nFor example:\n\n \n\nWhat should the responsibility and involvement of a governing board be regarding cultural competency? Should the board be bicultural? Why or why not?\nWhat should the procedural manual include? Is there a dispute or resolution process?\n \n\nIs there a mission statement?\nHow involved should the community and neighborhood be in program issues? How can they—or should they—be involved in these areas?\nWhat are some of the issues that need to be addressed in the hiring of competent staff?\n\n

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