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BSHS 385 Week 2 Individual Assignment Interview Job Aid

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BSHS 385 Week 2 Individual Assignment Interview Job Aid


Instructions: Interview preparation is essential in conducting an organized and thorough interview. Determining the core elements of an effective interview environment should be considered as a part of the interview preparation process. Create a job aid in APA format that helps you prepare for an interview. Think of job descriptions you have seen or applied for in the past as your guide - what elements are important when hiring someone? Include a checklist of the physical elements that should be present in an interview. Create a list of elements that are conducive to an effective physical interview environment. Describe why each element is important in structuring the interview process. Address the role of note taking and documentation through the lens of interview recall, accurate clinical assessments, compliance, and information management. Identify considerations in the interview process for note taking and documentation (technology, resources, and best practices). Include professional and ethical behaviors, as well as considerations. Identify components of professional and ethical behaviors for human service workers. Address the role of note taking and documentation within the job aid. Save this job aid as a handy reference for your future or current career. Meet word count of 550-750 words on paper.

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