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BSHS 375 Week 4 Learning Team Health Care Educational Resources Paper

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Answer each of the following questions individually, and post the answers in your team forum to compare information from multiple states. Your Learning Team should research a minimum of three states.
What assistive technologies are available to special needs populations in the states the team has chosen to research?
What health care educational resources are available to special needs populations in your states?
Do the selected states provide a comprehensive database of available services and technologies?
How do special needs populations access services in your states?
Is funding for services or assistive technology provided? If so, how is it obtained?
What additional assistive technology has been invented but is not currently funded or supported in your selected states?
Create a poster presentation to summarize team members' research. The poster should include the following information:
Describe how the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 affects human services.
List the states the team researched.
Compare the methods each state uses to provide assistive technology and educational resources to its citizens.
How does each state provide resources necessary for citizens to obtain assistive technology?
Based on what you learned about various states, what are some recommendations to enhance the way the assistive technology and educational resources are made available in each state?
Cite any sources.
Format any citations on your poster according to APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 

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