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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database: Demographic Information

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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database: Demographic Information


Instructions: Resources: Database Template, Spreadsheet Guide on Excel®, and® Tutorials Use the raw data in the Database Template to build on this assignment over the next 4 weeks using this single document. The final product will be submitted in Week 5. Note: The Database Template has two worksheets. Access each using the tabs at the bottom of the template. You will also add new tabs in Weeks 4 & 5. Each week's tab should be contained in a single worksheet. Using the Demographic worksheet in the Database Template, do the following:   

  • Create an automatic sort by applying a filter to each column so your data can be viewed in different ways.
  • Format the Demographic worksheet so it can be printed in landscape format and on a single page.
  • Create a header in the header field labeled "Database."
  • Add cell borders around each cell. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment..

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