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BSHS 355 Week 4 Learning Team Factors Influencing Social Policy Annotated Bibliography

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Resource: Annotated Bibliography resources and links 
Create an annotated bibliography addressing the following important factors regarding social policy in human services: 
Defining Social Policy
History of Social Policy
Current Social Policy Issues
Purpose and Types of Social Policy
Making Social Policy
Identifying Unmet Needs
Who Identifies Social Problems
Who Determines Social policy - Decision Makers
Factors in Establishing Social Policy
The Role of Lobbying in Social Policy
The Role of the Media in Social Policy
Opposition to Social Policies
Implementation of Social Policy
Funding Social Policy 
Choose 10 of the 14 factors (topics) listed above. Books, book reviews, editorials, newspaper human-interest stories, etc. are not acceptable. Only peer-reviewed articles published in professional journals will be accepted.
Read and briefly summarize (100-150 words) two peer-reviewed articles which were published in profession journals, related to each factor/topic (a total of 20 articles). The goal is to capture the content and meaning of the article, not to offer a critique of the article. Do not copy the abstract.
Label each section with the factor (topic) and then list the 2 respective articles. See the example provided (right-hand column.)
Format your bibliography consistent with APA documentation guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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