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BSHS 355 Week 4 Individual Assignment Social Policy and Human Services Delivery Paper

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Background: You are applying for a position with the local Human Services Multicounty Planning Commission. In addition to submitting your resume, the hiring committee requires a formal paper demonstrating your understanding of the interconnected relationship between social policy and the delivery of human services.
Write a formal paper which addresses the following:
Define the concept social policy.
Choose a social policy and a human services program in your community which provides services addressing that social policy. Example (from the textbook): MADD provides prevention and referral services as a result of alcohol/substance abuse and driving social policies. (NOTE: You may not use the example organization MADD for this assignment.)
Describe the issue underlying the social policy addressed by your selected program and include a discussion about its history, how it became a social policy, the impact of the issue upon the community (effects of or consequences experienced) and the role of funding.
Briefly describe the program and explain how the program fulfills (meets) the social policy.
Describe the obstacles the program faces - what things get in the way of the program meeting its goals? Explain how the program is working to overcome each of the obstacles.  Provide two (2) specific examples.
Key element - Identify at least two factors and describe how current social policies may affect the future of human services delivery, over all.
Format as a formal paper, following APA formatting requirements,
Use section headings to identify each section noted above.
Word count is 1000-1300 words.
Use at least 4 resources beyond the text book, two of which must be peer-reviewed articles from professional journals.
A reference list following APA guidelines must be included. Cite every source used within the text, when used.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Social Policy Paper Grading Guide

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